Creative Squid Game Fan Art You Haven’t Seen Yet

The show that swept away the art community…

Have you ever seen a television show so captivating that it leaves you awe-inspired? 

Netflix’s latest hit show became widely popular in the art community in what seemed like a matter of a day. Our social media feeds got flooded with Squid Game fan art, everyone took the chance to create their version of Gi-hun, Sae-byeok, and their crew.

Here at Paintable, we’re a big fan of Squid Game and the fan art the show has inspired. We’ve collected 22 incredibly creative Squid Game fan art that you might have missed on the internet. Enjoy!

Warning! Proceed carefully, spoilers are ahead.

Squid Game After work by JuWoong J
Squid Game crew after work by JuWoong J


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