Finished Projects from the Illustration From Imagination Fall 2021 Class

Congrats to the IFI Class of Fall 2021! 🎉

Last week, over 200 digital artists in the Illustration From Imagination program’s 2021 session completed their projects, closing out this year’s incredible journey!

To all of the students:

Once again I was blown away by the talent, tenacity, and creativity you’ve shown in the program this year.  I’m very proud of every one of you for pushing the limits of your comfort zone, doing the work to up-level your digital painting skillset, and taking major steps towards a career that you can be truly passionate about.

Each year we create this post to celebrate how far we’ve all come in the 8 weeks of this IFI program. 🙌  But we’re not done with our learning journey- we never are!  Keep practicing on the new skills you want to learn next, so you don’t lose the momentum you’ve earned.

Keep going and keep growing!

If you’re not familiar with Illustration From Imagination, it’s a 6-week masterclass focused on up-leveling your ability to illustrate the stories in your head, become a world-class artist, and teach you how to begin making an income from your artwork by simulating a client project.  

That fictional client’s project is to create a dramatic movie poster for their newest blockbuster film!  Students have complete creative control over the brief, genre, characters, style, and more.

We all move through each week together, with new lessons, assignments and feedback for every module of the program.

Have a look below at a sample of the incredible final masterpieces from the graduates of IFI Fall 2021.  

👉Check out the full set of uploaded final masterpieces here.


This success path is more than a course. It’s a learning journey to help digital artists like you paint from your imagination.

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