Best Free AI Art Generator Apps in 2024

Artificial intelligence has created waves in the domain of technology, unlike any other trend in the last two decades. Contrary to general assumptions about the futuristic nature of AI, anyone can use AI technology through apps on their smartphones. You can find the ideal solutions to try your creative skills with the best AI art generator apps that create impeccable pieces of art by using text prompts as inputs.

AI art generators have evolved at an impressive pace with integration of powerful features to generate new artwork. However, you might be apprehensive about using AI tools to generate artwork by paying a price. Interestingly, you can use free AI art generators to familiarize yourself with how they work and try out their different features. Let us learn more about some of the best AI generators that you can use without paying a cent. 

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Fundamental Insights on AI Art Generators 

The thought of designing artwork in different styles by using words might have seemed absurd a few years ago. However, AI art generator tools have changed the conventional perceptions about using AI technology to create artwork. AI art generators are innovative tools that leverage machine learning, natural language processing, and different algorithms to create artwork from text prompts.

The tools have different capabilities, such as understanding prompts in natural language and interpreting subtle artistic nuances. AI art generators use massive datasets of image and text pairs for their training, which helps them differentiate between the different art styles, contexts, and forms. 

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Working of an AI Art Generator

The scale of innovation in the design of AI art generators has led to introduction of new applications frequently. It is reasonable to have doubts regarding the functionality of free AI art generator apps and how they have gained popularity. At first glance, anyone would think that they are purely magic. However, AI art generators use ML algorithms, big datasets, and powerful computing resources.

The working of AI art generators involves two specific stages. The first one involves understanding text prompts, and the second stage involves creating the output image. You can find the best answers to “Which app is best for AI art generators?” by learning about the working mechanism of AI art generators. AI art generators use large datasets featuring image-text pairs that help them understand the text prompts to create authentic artwork. In the second stage, AI art generators use Generative Adversarial Networks and diffusion models to generate realistic artwork.

  • NightCafe

NightCafeNightCafe is the most trusted AI art generator that gives you the opportunity to become a part of a community. It is a top entry in any AI art generator apps list that helps you publish your artwork and receive appreciation and feedback from other NightCafe users. The AI art generator is completely free and offers flexibility for joining chat groups, following creators, and community challenges.

NightCafe also helps you choose from popular AI models, such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, to generate artwork. You can find around 41 different styles of presets, and the site will help you choose the best model.

  • Starry AI 

Starry AIThe next addition to this list of free AI art generators is Starry AI, which is popular for unique styles. It is a reliable text-to-image tool that features three distinct categories: photographs, illustrations, and art. You can find different style presets for each category of AI-generated artwork. It is also one of the best AI art generator apps to make the most of different user-made styles in their different images.

Starry AI also helps you create and store your personal styles to create realistic artwork. The AI art generator is free and offers the flexibility for creating portraits with unique details.

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  • Dream Studio

Dream StudioEvery discussion about the growth of AI art generator apps features Stable Diffusion or Dream Studio. It is an open-source AI art generator that uses text prompts to create outputs in a few seconds. You would not be the first to confuse between Dream Studio and Stable Diffusion.

It is a free AI art generator app that helps refine the image to ensure that it resembles the prompt as closely as possible. The AI art generator experiences trouble with specific prompts that could affect its functionality in generating high-quality images. 

  • Picsart 

PicsartPicsart is also another popular addition among free AI art generator apps that you can try in 2024. It is a popular tool for creating AI-generated artwork, logos, text, backgrounds, stickers, and many other types of illustrations. Picsart also offers different types of AI art generator tools, including layer editing tools to put all the images together.

You can sign in to the AI art generator with an email account and use it for free. Beginners can start by writing a prompt, choosing an aspect ratio, and selecting their desired styles to create new artwork. Most importantly, the different text-to-image tools available with Picsart are completely free. 

  • Craiyon 

CraiyonCraiyon is also another prominent AI-powered tool for generating artwork on a budget. It is a trusted answer to queries like “Which app is best for AI art generator?” without any limits on the number of images you can generate.

Craiyon also offers the flexibility to upscale your images and remove the backgrounds, as well as everything in the free version. On top of it, Craiyon also includes a special section to help you come up with ideas for prompts. Another interesting highlight in the features of Craiyon is the assurance of unlimited free usage, albeit with lower-quality images.

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  • Bing Image Creator 

BingBing Image Creator by Microsoft is another useful AI art generator that you can use for free. The Microsoft AI art generator is free and can help in generating unlimited AI artwork. It is one of the top AI art generator tools that you can use on your smartphone through Copilot apps for iOS and Android devices.

Bing Image Creator or Microsoft Designer can generate detailed images with better accuracy. The AI art generator is also fast, and the outputs don’t have any distortions as you try different variations of the outputs.

  • ImageFX 

ImageFXImageFX is the next prominent addition among AI art generator apps by top tech companies. Google has empowered its LLM with the ability to generate images with the help of the Imagen 2 model. You can also capitalize on the features of ImageFX, a standalone image generation tool.

ImageFX offers a unique feature that highlights the keywords in the prompt with a specific collection of drop-down options. You can use such options to replace keywords in the prompts and experiment with image generation. 

  • PhotoSonic

PhotoSonicThe list of AI artwork generator apps also includes PhotoSonic. It may not be a popular text-to-image generator. However, the quality of output definitely stands out. It is also one of the notable additions to an AI art generator apps list that does not require long-form and complicated prompts.

You can just ask the app to draw anything, and it will generate five different variations of the requested image at a time. PhotoSonic also includes an option to enhance your prompts and a feature that allows you to select the output image size. The free version allows you to generate up to 25 images, while the premium version offers unlimited artwork generation. 

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  • Imagine Art AI 

Imagine Art AIImagine Art AI is accessible on different platforms, including a dedicated Windows app. The simple interface of the AI art generator that helps you generate new artwork within seconds is an obvious advantage. It is one of the best AI art generator apps that comes with different customization options.

Users can select the model, aspect ratio, and style of the text-to-image generation tasks. You can also find the option to add a negative prompt to ensure that the AI model knows what it should not include in your artwork. Even if you have to go through the trouble of watching a lot of ads, Imagine Art AI stands up to the promise of generating high-quality artwork.

  • Leonardo AI 

Leonardo AIFinally, Leonardo AI also serves as the most powerful option among free AI art generators that you can use to generate high-quality artwork. It utilizes multiple image generation models that have been powered with fine-tuning. Leonardo AI is one of the free AI art generator apps that comes with a highly responsive and modern UI.

Furthermore, Leonardo AI also offers support for framing around 1000 AI-generated prompts. The prominent highlights of Leonardo AI include the Alchemy and Prompt Magic V3 models that help generate relevant and high-quality prompts.

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Final Words 

The challenge of choosing a reliable and free AI art generator can be overwhelming for people who are new to AI art generation. You can find the best AI art generator apps from top companies such as Bing Image Creator or ImageFX. On the other hand, you can choose from choices that offer unique value propositions, such as community participation in NightCafe. However, it is also important to note that free AI artwork generator apps can also have certain limitations. Find more about the fundamentals of AI art generation and identify how they work to take our best picks right now.

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